Fourth salon 1999. PDF Štampa El. pošta


War in Zemun

Themes: Crafts
Book, writers and readers
Number of participants: 455
Number of countries: 54
Number of entries: 2.002

Jury: Slobodan Novaković (predsednik), Claudia Pessina (Italija), Željko Batinić, Stojadin Mirkulovski, Milan Janković, Julijana Živković i Branko Najhold
Awards: Were not awarded, with the following decision of the Jury:
"The Jury consider that this year Zemun International Salon of Caricature, held in war conditions, satisfied it’s purpose, proofing that human spirit, in spite of all, destroys the borders between nations and contributes the understanding between the people of good willing.Neither there are no winners in the war, nore there could not be winners on this year Salon, so the Jury gives up of the usual awards. Our joint victory should be the organizing the fifth Salon 2000 - in peace.”
Opening ceremony: June 8th, 1999
Presented about 500 people
Exhibition: Gallery "Stara kapetanija" June 8th - 29th 1999
4.114 people visited the exhibition



Left: Minister Simić, Janković, Najhold i Živković
Right: Visitors listening speach and alarm

Ambasadeurs on the opening