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For more of two decades of existing, Zemun International Salon of Caricature gathered, and today has, about 18.000 original cartoons of authors from about 90 countries from all continents.

The most part of those cartoons originates from the works arrived on the annual competitions, while the smaller part is the gift of numerous cartoonists from the country and abroad. At last, rather always had financial problems, people in Zemun Salon managed to buy a number of cartoons drew by the most important Yugoslavian artists from the firs half of 20. century.

Except original cartoons, Zemun International Salon of Caricature in it’s collection has over 1.000 cartoon books, catalogs and other publications as well as about 200 issues of different humoristic and satirical newspapers and magazines from around 30 countries and from different periods.

At last, in Zemun International Salon of Caricature are kept several hundreds of photos and some other material connected with cartooning, including the personal items of several very important Yugoslavian cartoonists.

All that, in fact, is a material for a good museum of cartooning, which neither in former Yugoslavia, nor in Serbia never existed and still does not exist. Zemun International Salon of Caricature was ready to dedicate all what possess to town of Zemun in the aim of founding a museum, but on sorrow, never founded the common language with the local government. So, cartoon museum in Zemun exist and not exist.

Till 2016. all the material was kept in a narrow space of publishing company "TRAG" the founder of Salon. It is classified, but on sorrow – unattainable for public.

With great kindness of Directors of the primary school "Svetozar Miletic" in Zemun, Mr. Ljuba Musurović, one classroom was adapted and all the material was transferred there. In June 2016, the opening ceremony was attended by guests and Salona winners Pol Leurs with his wife, Daniel Bosshart and friends Milan Ignjatovic, Predrag Koraksić-Corax, Dušan Petričić, Dušan Gađanski, Bojana Ivanović and of course Branko Najhold.

The material is still, unfortunately, inaccessible to the public.

P.Leurs, M.Ignjatović, G.Leurs, B.Najhold,      In the museum
D.Bosshart, B.Ivanović

In the museum                                          In the museum

In the museum                                          B.Njahold, P.Koraksić, D.Petričić & D. Gađanski

Branko Najhold                                           With guests